Accept & appreciate what we have

Accept & appreciate what we have

The outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused a huge impact on our daily living. We are facing an increasing number of death in the world and some of us may be affected by the global economy crisis. It is the tough time in life and we are dealing with uncertainties everyday. So, what can we do? 


"Accepting & appreciating what we have and what we are, then moving forwards from there", quoted EkhartYoga. We are all human being. It is normal for us to be emotional during this crisis but thanks to the teaching of Yoga Sutra (San-to-sha from The Niyamas), we are able to move ourselves out from that negativity quickly through the practice. We may be locked down physically at home but it enriches our soul when we understand more about ourselves through the practice and understanding of yoga philosophies. 


Accepting the fact that we need to stay home to flatten the curve and feeling grateful that we have a home to stay in or to have more time spending with our family at home. This is the best time for us to work on our self-reflection and moving forward from there with a strategic plan. It is important for us to understand that we have done our part, tried our very best and we shall then surrender the rest. Letting go of fears and welcoming peace. 


Hope you found the joy and peace in the experience of contentment. "Just Breathe" and move on towards a better tomorrow.