Anantaluv Cambodia

Siem Reap, a gateway to an ancient world

Siem Reap (Khmer: ក្រុងសៀមរាប, pronounced [siəm riəp]) is the capital city of Siem Reap Province in northwestern Cambodia. Siem Reap has colonial and Chinese-style architecture in the Old French Quarter and around the Old Market. In the city, there are museums, traditional Apsara dance performances, a Cambodian cultural village, souvenir and handicraft shops, silk farms, rice paddies in the countryside, fishing villages and a bird sanctuary near the Tonle Sap Lake, and a vibrant, cosmopolitan drinking and dining scene (Source of information: Wikipedia) My first visitation to Siem Reap was back in 2017 and I have re-visited the place in 2018 to sustain a voluntary teaching programme for the local poor Khmer kids from Cambodian Children House of Peace (CCHP). Based on my memory, what makes it unique for all the beautiful temples is the rich art and Khmer culture drawing. You can see all wonderful heritage tales crafted on the buildings in Siem Reap and one of it would be this Khmer Print floral motif.
When we started ANANTALUV project in 2019, it was our plan to visit this sanctuary again in 2020 with a voluntary Yoga Retreat experience at Navutu Dreams Resort. Unfortunately, we have to cancel this plan due to the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19). This is a great example of how uncertainties strike us in daily life. Thanks to the teaching of Yoga Sutra, we know how to shift ourselves away from feeling miserable because we understand that as long as you have tried your best, letting go of fears and surrender the rest is the only way out. "Just Breathe" is all it takes.
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